Dividing up Grandma’s Things: A Multifaceted Exercise in Critical Thinking


  • Peter M. Markulis
  • Daniel R. Strang


The reader is introduced to a multifaceted experiential exercise on developing critical thinking skills in undergraduates. The exercise is meant to introduce the student to critical thinking and is recommended for use in a junior- level Organizational Behavior class. The importance of critical thinking skills is discussed in the background and theory section of the exercise. The exercise has three phases: (1) discovery and self-insight, (2) analysis of negotiation and conflict, and (3) a team building application. The exercise is best used during the first (or second) class in an Organizational Behavior course, at the point when students are assigned to (or select) their teams for the semester. The exercise requires more time than many other exercises used in Organizational Behavior classes (at least 75 minutes).