Miruna's Managerial Moves: A Snakes and ladders Game


  • Céleste Grimard Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Miruna Bicoli Executive MBA Alumnus, UQAM/A.S.E. Bucharest


This management development game offers a fun yet insightful means of reinforcing learners’ understanding of managerial work. It provides a context in which learners discuss and build on their ability to handle the day-to-day challenges of managers. In this game, players maneuver their way around snakes and ladders based, in part, on their ability to successfully respond to dilemmas in which Miruna, a tech manager, finds herself. During the debriefing process, learners draw connections between their work lives and the dilemmas in the game, how they played the game, as well as the existence of venomous snakes and career-boosting ladders in the workplace.