Augmenting Engagement and Learning via Decision Support


  • Aspy P. Palia University of Hawaii at Manoa


Based on learning and engagement theory, this paper provides evidence on behavioral and affective (perceptual) engagement among competing simulation team members as well as value-added to the learning experience with the use of decision support systems (dss). Behavioral evidence on engagement includes aggregate download statistics of online dss packages, dss package demo videos (suggested by students), and dss-related articles. Affective (perceptual) engagement evidence on dss package effectiveness and value-added to the user learning experience includes individual participant survey responses on dss package usage, usefulness, effectiveness, usage experience, and value-added to the learning experience. The results suggest that (a) dss-induced user autonomy, relatedness and competence foster engagement. Further, complex heavy workload demands under time pressure can be offset by range of decision-making freedom and the amount of support provided.