Creating the Leading Change for Sustainability in Schools (Vietnam) Simulation: A Research and Development Project


  • Vien-Thong Nguyen Nguyen Vietnam National University HCMC & Mahidol University
  • Philip Hallinger Mahidol University & University of Johannesburg


This paper represents the initial steps of a research & development (R&D) project, aimed at producing an online computer simulation for the purpose of training educators for the challenge of integrating more sustainable practices into Vietnamese schools. The project used a formal set of R&D steps to create the Leading Change for Sustainability in Schools (Vietnam) Simulation based on an existing simulation previously designed for the global business sector (i.e., Leading Change for Sustainability – Business version). In this project, the authors adapted the existing English language business version of the simulation for use in preparing teachers and principals how to meet the challenge of leading the change towards sustainability in Vietnamese K-12 education system. Then, the authors present findings from the research and information collection phase which consisted of a literature review on education for sustainable development and a small-scale qualitative research study. Finally, the authors discuss how this information was employed to create an initial working version of the new education-oriented simulation for use in Vietnam. The significance of this paper lies in the detailed description of a research-based approach to simulation adaptation both in terms of organizational context (i.e., from corporate to school sector) and society (i.e., prepared explicitly for the Vietnamese cultural context.