A Triadic Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Enhancing the Efficacy of Experiential Learning


  • J. Duane Hoover


ABSEL scholars have been on a perpetual quest for ways to enhance simulation and experiential learning since 1974. Numerous techniques and perspectives have been tested and evaluated in order to achieve better implementation of simulation and experiential pedagogies. This paper, after a brief review of selected efforts by ABSEL scholars over the last three years, takes the position that a multi-disciplinary approach may now prove fruitful to not only integrate the diversity and variety of ABSEL scholarship, but also to move the field forward on a more inclusive and integrative basis. As a suggested step in this process, a triadic multi-disciplinary approach is introduced combining perspectives of: 1) educational processes as discourse (derived from the literature of qualitative research), 2) the dynamics of the state(s) of liminality (derived from the literature of sociology), and, 3) epideictic rhetoric (derived from the literature of rhetorical perspective). The paper concludes with suggestions for application and further model building.