Development of entrepreneurial intention through simulation in HEIs


  • Jason Evans
  • Jocelyne Fleming


We report the results of a research study that seeks to understand the impact of simulation-based training (SBT) on the entrepreneurial intentions of a student cohort at a UK higher education institution (HEI). The research builds on previous studies in two ways: (1) By utilizing a phenomenological approach to the question of intention development as a direct outcome of simulation experience; (2) By supplementing and enhancing our understanding of student experience using a mixed method approach. Our study sits at the nexus of three current avenues of importance in business school education: (1) Understanding the development of student’s entrepreneurial intentions as an outcome of SBT in the HEI context; (2) Embedding experiential learning within business schools as a potential tool to support student intentions; and (3) Charting a course for future developments in entrepreneurship within HEIs.