Panel Discussion on Innovative Approaches to Supplement the Curriculum with Experiential Learning


  • Jacqueline Elcik
  • Angela Hersch


A college education used to be one of the ways a future employee could stand out among the many applicants. Now, the number of jobs that require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree has increased. Moreover, a good GPA and a completed bachelor’s degree is no longer enough. Experiential learning and skills development is becoming increasingly more important to employers when screening resumes (Job Outlook 2023, 2022); resulting in colleges and universities developing signature and high impact practices, as well as other activities to support out of classroom learning.
This presentation/session will share research on the benefits of experiential learning and will feature examples from three well established Colleges/Schools of Business; that have developed an experience-based approach to supporting students’ professional and personal development. Additionally, the Colleges/Schools have partnered with Suitable to share how they use technology-based tools to support these initiatives.