AI's Endgame: Leveraging AI to Craft the Avengers Case Study


  • Christopher M. Scherpereel


In our research, we explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing strategic management education through storytelling-based case study development. Utilizing ChatGPT, a Generative AI model, we crafted a novel Avengers case study that serves as a modern, relatable educational tool. This AI-generated case study is rooted in the foundational elements of the classic "Robin Hood" case study, a well-established resource in the field. Our work validates ChatGPT's capability to produce short, content-rich cases suitable for single-class-period discussions or assessments. This addresses an existing gap in business education for timely and relevant case studies that effectively gauge students' analytical abilities. Moreover, ChatGPT's speed and adaptability enable instructors to swiftly generate alternative scenarios and corresponding answer keys, thereby maintaining the case's integrity in exam settings. Our research contributes to the evolving landscape of AI applications in educational case study development, particularly in strategic management pedagogy.