A Serious Game-Based Focus Group Validation of BPI10, Business Process Improvement Practices


  • Antonio Vera
  • Carlos Mario Zapata


Serious games are usually developed for teaching and simulating specific real-life situations. Such simulations are meant to be reproduced in controlled environments. Practitioners in serious games perform actions before different circumstances by following a defined lifecycle. In addition, a goal must be achieved in order to finish/win the game. However, serious games are unnoticed when validating/demonstrating business process improvement (BPI) initiatives. In this paper we present a focus group conducted for validating a BPI representation including ten best practices (BPI10). The focus group includes three worldwide experts in the matter. In addition, a serious game was put in motion between the experts in a race to complete a project. We created a close experience between the experts and the implementation of BPI10 in a playful way. The study offers an empirical exercise which provides evidence that serious games are helpful tools when demonstrating/validating/simulating BPI.