Project Competitor A Simulation Game for Project Management with 2 Models and 2 Modes


  • Nikhil Mishra
  • Anish Malhotra
  • Kanika Sibal
  • Kailash Tuli
  • George Otoiu
  • Karl Heinz Greess
  • Richard D. Teach


PROJECT COMPETITOR© is a KISS class simulation game of a project management situation. It has an individual or single team model as well as a competitive one and it can be played as a computer run simulation or in a manual mode. The non-competitive model can be briefed, played and debriefed within a single, 50-minute period and the competitive model takes only slightly more time. The game, as described, simulates a project that needs to be completed within a specific time limit and under a stated budget. This project has three required elements: an analytical component, a technical component and a commercialization component. The simulated project is broken down into four periods in which the player(s) receive(s) feedback and can make needed changes in order to complete the project on time and under budget in only the last 3 time periods. (The designation of a KISS type simulation occurs when the model is to Keep It Simple and Short.)