Examining Program Management in Business Simulations: Student and Faculty Views


  • Martin J. Hornyak
  • E. Brian Peach
  • Adam Bowen
  • William Moes
  • Roberta Wheeler


The State of Florida legislature directed universities and colleges to develop key Student Learning Objectives (SLO) to meet new Academic Learning Compacts. One state-designated learning domain is for students to demonstrate a course’s project management SLO. At our university, faculty and students are project managers with both groups performing academic activities to attain goals such as tenure and promotion for faculty, and graduation for students. To accomplish these goals, both groups complete a series of requirements requiring program management skills. For students, a required course in business policy allows students to participate in a business simulation. For instructors, service efforts such as developing rubrics to evaluate learning domains like project management are accomplished. This paper details a student team’s self-initiated project management approach integrating techniques learned in the College of Business (COB) into a method for implementing business strategy. Their approach is reviewed and analyzed in light of a newly developed faculty rubric to measure the project management SLO.