Creating an Authentic Cultural Lens Using Case Dialogue


  • Bonita L. Betters-Reed
  • Lynda L. Moore


This proposed session will present an experiential exercise designed to teach the application of a multicultural lens through the use of case dialogue. A working model that compares a unilateral lens with a multidimensional lens across five factors will be shared as a foundation for interpreting selected dialogue from a case currently being written by the presenters. This case features a Korean born woman entrepreneur and CEO, Kija Kim, of a GIS firm with offices in Cambridge MA and Washington D.C. (See Appendix 1 for a more complete case description). Participants will be asked to analyze case excerpts that describe Kija Kim’s leadership perspective, style, values, and motivation before and after the introduction of the model, Korean cultural context and suggestions for creating an authentic cultural lens. (See Appendix 2 for case excerpts and identification of cultural context). Ensuing discussion will focus on how to use this perspective and approach with case analysis and other teaching methods for an integrated and multidimensional understanding of business leaders and their behavior.