Making the Connection: Improving Virtual Team Performance through Behavioral Assessment Profiling and Behavioral Cues


  • Janet M. Duck


It is evident that academic institutions are embracing virtual delivery methods at an unprecedented rate. Consequently, online instructors are faced with the challenge of developing high performance team dynamics within their virtual courses. It is no longer acceptable for instructors to simply present course material online. Instructors must find ways to actively engage team members and provide an innovative environment for teams to succeed. A behavioral assessment approach to improved virtual team communication allows individuals to “read” behavioral cues in a virtual environment. Understanding and responding to these behavioral cues can help virtual teams to improve communication and enhance overall group dynamics. An awareness of the relationship between individual behavior styles, or cues, and the team performance is critically important in a virtual team, where creating an atmosphere of trust can be difficult to achieve. The purpose of this demonstration is to present a behavioral assessment profiling tool and methodology to be used in virtual classrooms that works to cultivate an energetic and engaged virtual team.