Individual Learning Producing A Learning Organization: “Playing Dice With Polar Bears”


  • Richard Pernell


"This demonstration sets a context for individual and group learning within the group. The sequence is: context, play, reflect, process, re-context, play, reflect, etc. A final document will be produced by the group as a summary of the learning interaction. Much has been written about learning organizations and the conditions that support them. Indeed, it is a process that evolves over time building on the participant’s willingness to engage one another and the perceived successes of the process itself. Given time and experience, the concepts of the learning organization become part of the culture and the organization moves to a higher level of interaction and efficiency. This is the trend of business and organizations in general; that the focused skill of a leader will be the ability to set a stage for collective performance and learning. This interactive activity sets a context of ‘learning as a group’. Storytelling and the recall of a shared experience- learning to drive a car- sets the stage for a review of the four steps of learning- unconscious incompetence (I don’t know what I don’t know), conscious incompetence (the realization that I have an area for improvement, most often with associated stress levels), conscious competence (the thoughtful and focused accomplishment of the task) and unconscious competence (the habit formed). This review of the four steps is followed by a dice game called ‘Polar Bears and Ice Holes’ where the participants will actually move through the four steps of learning to become a learning organization themselves. Finally, a reflection process is used to generate a list of attitudes and behaviors used by the group members to become their own learning organization. "