Integrating the Business Curriculum with a Comprehensive Case Study: A Prototype


  • Peter M. Markulis
  • Daniel R. Strang
  • Harry Howe


"Business schools continue to grapple with the issue of curriculum integration. How to integrate and follow through on the theories, concepts and techniques from one course to another has been a perpetual pedagogical challenge exacerbated by AACSB requirements. Faculty are encouraged to work conjointly, students are told that concepts and formulas learned in one course will be used in future courses, and simulations have been developed to provide students with comprehensive business situations. Nonetheless, the challenge of integration remains nettlesome. This paper presents a model for curriculum integration developed at a school of business that has AACSB accreditation for its undergraduate program. The model uses a comprehensive case, based on a real-world insurance company. Incoming business students will be presented with a synopsis of the case in their first year of business school. The same case, with the relevant topical additions, will continue to be used in all subsequent primary business courses. The paper presents the rationale, methodology and curriculum development of the case. The paper also outlines how the school plans to integrate the case into the upper level business courses. "