Team Leader Selection -- Does It Matter?


  • Peter M. Markulis
  • Barbara J. Howard
  • Daniel R. Strang
  • John K. Butler


There is substantial research on teams, from composition and performance issues to managing team projects and dealing with team feuds. There is also copious research on team leaders; their characteristics, styles, and behavior, and inventories for leader selection. However, the literature is quiet regarding the selection process of the team leader, ipso facto. This interactive session will focus on the selection process for the team leader. The session participants will gain"hands-on" experience (in the form of experiential exercises) in working under different leadership selection options. The exercise will be debriefed and the session leaders will review the literature germane to the subject. Finally, the session will invite the participants to assist in the design and implementation of a quasi-experimental model which they will then be asked to take back to their own universities for testing.