Century Classroom: Are We Facilitating Academic Dishonesty?


  • Monique Forte
  • Carolyn B. Mueller
  • Carolyn Y. Nicholson


The reality of academic dishonesty is not a new topic in the academic literature, and the advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning processes have been fairly well explored. However, the effects of more recent advances in technology, such as classroom management software, e-mail technology, and the widespread use of Instant Messaging, have not been investigated to date. Spurred by recent evidence of a relationship between cheating in college and acts of dishonesty in the workplace and the fact that academic cheating appears to be more common among business school students, this Interactive Session was developed. The session will focus on two primary goals: first, to identify how new advances in technology are creating opportunities for cheating and, second, to develop an action plan to encourage academic honesty among students in schools of business.