Using Representative Nominal Group Technique for Course Review and an Interactive Solicitation of Ways to Enhance ABSEL's Image


  • John K. Butler


1. Basic Objectives, target audience, time needed, required materials: a. to demonstrate a long-standing and effective technique for conducting a course-end review. b. to describe briefly how I have used nominal group technique (NGT) to involve students in identifying course topics that need clarification. c. to use NGT in a group of ABSEL experts to solicit ideas for addressing a long-standing problem, ABSELs lackluster image. d. target audience - experienced ABSEL members e. time needed - one hour f. required materials - flip chart and magic markers or blackboard and chalk 2. Theoretical grounding: group cohesiveness, group dynamics, normative decision theory. 3. Pedagogical implications and outcomes: improved course-end reviews and enhanced image for ABSEL. "