Positioning the Company: Increasing Profits in Social Networks


  • Hui Yang
  • Lin Xi


Recent technological developments have made social net-works initiatives a popular method in the Public Admin-istration arena. Moreover, in some settings, those even become mandatory. However, the adoption of this new par-adigm needs to be followed up with training processes in-volving all the professionals within public organizations. To construct this framework, one may suggest creating an artificial environment of networks that simulates regional capacity-building networks in different settings. The objec-tive of this paper is therefore to develop and present an analytical framework that enables the creation and deploy-ment of a simulated regional capacity-building network in a government context. Our findings suggest that specific hierarchical and professional profiles within public admin-istration lead to different company positioning. Those, in turn, can increase long-term profits. Further steps are out-lined in order to consolidate a regional capacity-building network in government.