Demonstration of Advanced Features in Computer-Assisted Gaming of International Business


  • Precha Thavikulwat


"Basic considerations for computer-assisted gaming of international business were discussed earlier by Thavikulwat (1995) and a business gaming simulation that incorporated these features has been demonstrated at previous ABSEL meetings (Thavikulwat & Chang, 1995, 1999). Since the last demonstration, new computer-assisted features have been added and the gaming simulation has been ported from the DOS to the Windows operating environment. The difference between DOS and Windows may appear to have little significance for business gaming simulations, because these simulations generally do not require much interaction between participant and computer. Most are computer-controlled, and not computer-assisted (Crookall, Martin, Saunders, & Coote, 1986). They allow for high participant interaction but low participant control. Administered for only a few decision cycles, generally four (Rollier, 1992) to sixteen (Anderson & Lawton, 1992), participant-computer interaction is generally limited to the batched entry of from half a dozen to a few dozen decisions in each cycle. Thus, the advantage of Windows over DOS is generally of little operational consequence, setting aside marketability considerations. "