Simulation Research in the Hospitality Industry


  • Andrew Hale Feinstein
  • Sara J. Parks


This review of the literature presents in-depth research pertaining to simulation modeling in the hospitality industry. The authors’ intent is to expand the readers’ knowledge about simulation modeling and to provide a more complete discussion of what is known about simulation theory in the hospitality literature. Further, information is provided to assist decision-makers, training professionals, and hospitality educators with theoretical and methodological suggestions specific to evaluating simulation’s effectiveness and to provide a framework for understanding the enormous contributions to the simulation literature that have been made over the past four decades. A chart of simulation, indicating definitions and applications, is provided. Two comprehensive tables describing and categorizing articles in this area are also provided. The research shows substantial use of simulation modeling in both hospitality operations and education. It further shows some major methodological shortcomings. Keywords: simulation; analytical uses; instructional systems assessment.