Managing The Curiosity Gap Does Matter: What Do We Need To Do About It?


  • James W. Gentry
  • Alvin C. Burns
  • John R. Dickinson
  • Sanjay Putrevu
  • Seungwoo Chun
  • Yu Hongyan
  • Laura A. Williams
  • Thomas Bare
  • Ruth Ann Gentry


"This paper investigates Loewenstein's Curiosity Gap Model systematically, using data from five universities in three countries and from a U.S. middle school and a high school as well. The data provide support for the model; specifically the results indicate that those with large curiosity gaps (who we assert are more prone to learned helplessness) are more likely to perform poorly in classes. Recommendations are made concerning how those using experiential exercises can attempt to narrow the curiosity gap for these students."