It's A Wonderful Life: Simulating the Golden Years,


  • Barbara J. Howard
  • Peter M. Markulis
  • Daniel R. Strang


Demographic trends indicate that the fastest growing segment of the population is the 65+ age cohort. The populations of developed countries are aging and this trend is expected to accelerate. This means that most of us can expect to live longer and undoubtedly we will have to make key decisions affecting our lives much later in our chronological age than previously was the case. With the prospects of extended life, the aging population confronts many new and complex decisions about lifestyles. The authors have developed a model for a simulation that allows people, especially those in the "baby-boomer" generation, to anticipate and project these crucial life decisions before they have to 'live' them. The simulation will demonstrate the possible outcomes of their choices, aiding them in making better decisions.