Interactive Online Strategic Market Planning With the Web-Based Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix Graphics Package


  • Aspy P. Palia
  • Jan De Ryck
  • Wai Keong Mak


The Web-based Boston Consulting Group (BCG) package is an interactive online strategic market planning package that enables competing participant teams in the marketing simulation COMPETE to apply their knowledge of Product Portfolio Analysis developed by the Boston Consulting Group in strategic market planning. Participants with Web-access can use this package on a 24x7 basis to perform static, comparative static and dynamic analyses of their own product portfolios and the product portfolios of their competitors. This package enables participants to generate customized BCG graphic displays and to download and use them in their team reports and presentations at the end of the semester. They can create sophisticated build PowerPoint presentations to illustrate their own brand trajectories and the brand trajectories of their major competitors, as they cover the strategic analysis of the product portfolio. This package facilitates the integration of computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web into the marketing curriculum.