Panel Discussion on Building and Maintaining Trust in the ABSELesque Classroom


  • John K. Butler
  • Michael D. Crino
  • Barbara J. Howard
  • Peter M. Markulis
  • Daniel R. Strang
  • S. Dolly Malik


The purpose of this panel is to clarify the benefits of a climate of trust in the classroom. In particular, the panel focuses on building students’ trust in teachers who use experiential methods such as exercises or simulations. We contrast a trusting climate to a mistrusting climate, discuss ways to build and maintain trust, and suggest possible consequences of trust. We address expectations and perceptions held by students. Two specific models for building trust are discussed. The first is a content model that identifies ten conditions (antecedent factors) that can lead to trust. The second is a process model that proposes cause-effect relationships for causes and consequences of trust in the classroom.