Using a Mock Trial Activity for Interdisciplinary Learning


  • Judith S. Ettinger


The world is increasingly made smaller by rapidly advancing technological development. As we rush head-long into the 21st century in such a world, challenges and opportunities become more complex, and the rate at which these challenges must be addressed is increasing at phenomenal speed. Consequently, as we prepare students to live and work in contemporary society, we must provide them with the opportunity to learn how to successfully and simultaneously access the potential contributions of many differing disciplinary areas. We must also change the way we view learning. In the absence of multi-disciplinary activities in the classroom, students could easily lack an appreciation of the complexities confronting them in their work environments. An interdisciplinary approach to classroom learning can address the complex nature of contemporary business challenges. The Mock Trial activity is designed to be a vehicle for providing an interdisciplinary classroom experience, as well as enhancing communication skills. This paper explains how the Mock Trial activity translates to an interdisciplinary classroom experience. The objectives of such an activity are explained as well as a discussion of how to use the activity in the classroom.