Improving Assessments of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Over Time


  • Martin J. Hornyak
  • K. Blaine Lawlor
  • Stephen J. Snyder


Looking back at your college’s previous collected yearly assessments provides interesting perspectives on the stabil-ity within your accreditation efforts. Being educators in higher learning institutions, we are all concerned about the educational standards and outcomes being demonstrated by our graduates. Over five years ago, our State legisla-ture directed all universities and colleges to develop key Student Learning Objectives (SLO) to meet established Academic Learning Compacts (ALC) in our curriculums. Each course is mandated to have SLO and ALC to meet the following domains: 1) Content, 2) Critical Thinking, 3) Communication/Literacy, 4) Integrity/Values, and 5) Pro-ject Management. We decided to relook and investigate how the first three required ALC & SLO have been collect-ed over time.