The ABSEL Endnote Database: The Perfect Tool for the Bernie Keys Library


  • Richard G. Platt
  • E. Brian Peach


At the 2000 ABSEL conference, ABSEL issued a CD-ROM-based publication called the Bernie Keys Library containing the complete text of all articles as published in ABSEL proceedings. This paper introduces the ABSEL EndNote Database and the corresponding EndNote software package. The ABSEL EndNote database contains a citation in EndNote format for every article published by ABSEL. Major benefits of the ABSEL EndNote database include (1) it will provide researchers a keyword search capability to the title, authors, and abstracts from ABSEL proceedings, (2) it will reduce the onerous burden of formatting citations as well as automating the reference citation process regardless of the prescribed journal publication style, (3) it will increase the marketing attractiveness of the of the Keys library to Libraries and non-ABSEL researchers, and (4) it will generally improve the quality of paper submissions when used with the EndNote program through wider exposure to past research and increased accuracy of citations.