Practicing Teachers as Digital Game Creators: A Study of the Design Considerations


  • Qing Li
  • Shahista Nathoo
  • Elise Vandermeiden
  • Collette Lemieux


"This research intends to explore practicing teachers’ experiences with game design and development. Specifical-ly, the study is guided by the following research questions: 1. What design considerations were taken into account during the game design process of practicing teach-ers? 2. What pedagogical components (if any) emerge when practicing teachers design and build digital games? Employing a naturalistic and qualitative approach, data are collected from 32 graduate students who partici-pated in the study. The analysis of the games created by these practicing teachers indicates some key themes: (A) curriculum goals were predominantly the games’ objec-tives; (B) sounds and animations provided visual appeal and feedback; (C) the game could be or needed to be used with supporting materials within the class; (D) the need to create a sense of accomplishment for the gamer; and (F) the emphasis of the gamer being able to project or custom-ize his/her identity within the game. Further discussion is also provided."