Endnote Activity: A Tool for Integration of Course Content and Communication Skill Practice


  • Judith S. Ettinger


The Endnote Activity includes a written form and a discussion format that are designed to link, in a variety of ways, classroom materials with readings and relevant events outside the classroom. Effective communication skills are consistently identified in the literature as key components of managerial and organizational effectiveness. In addition, educators are constantly challenged to demonstrate the relevance and practicality of classroom activities with those experiences and situations students encounter outside the classroom. Activities that can address these areas offer particular value to students. The Endnote Activity is designed to enhance communication skills as well as relate course reading with materials students select on their own outside of the classroom, even extending to the possibility of integrating cross-disciplinary contributions. This paper explains the Endnote Activity including the Endnote form and accompanying presentation. The objectives of such an activity are explained as well as a discussion of how to use the activity in the classroom. Several problems and difficulties are explored and possible remedies identified. When modifications must be made for class size or length of class period, various adaptations are explored.