ABSEL's Contributions to Experiential Learning/Experiential Exercises: The Decade of the 1970's


  • Lee A. Graf


This paper summarizes the contributions of ABSEL's membership to the development of experiential learning and experiential exercises during the decade of the 1970s. It overviews papers written on experiential learning and experiential exercises by ABSEL contributors during each year of the decade, and for the decade as a whole. Further, it categorizes each experientially-related paper by the paper's major focuses to provide a systematic means of assembling literature reviews for related future research projects in various topical areas of experiential learning/experiential exercises. Also, year-by-year and decade-long statistics on types of delivery systems (i.e., regular paper session, workshop or demonstration, tutorial, panel or roundtable presentation) and extensiveness of published manuscripts (i.e., full paper, condensed paper) are provided. Finally, year-by-year and decade-long comparative statistics related to the number of proceedings papers written on the three primary pedagogies supported by ABSEL (i.e., experiential learning/ experiential exercises, simulation games, and cases) also are included.