Process and Content Integration in an Experiential Learning Guided Internship Program


  • J. Duane Hoover
  • Robert C. Giambatista
  • Joann Klinker


Integrating process and content remains one of the greatest challenges in the successful execution of simulations and experiential learning exercises. In addition, ABSEL schol-ars, when designing a learning experience, must include balancing process and content considerations as design considerations. These issues are addressed in an innovative multidisciplinary program conducted by a College of Busi-ness and a College of Education in a large university in the southwestern United States. A process/content integration system labeled the Guided Internship Model, utilizing tech-niques and frameworks conducive to whole person experi-ential learning, is described. The program was implement-ed in a public school system with a group of interns func-tioning as Assistant Principals. The College of Business Professor functioned as the process coach, and the College of Education Professor functioned as the content coach. Innovative aspects of the experiential internship program include the execution of this joint coaching methodology.