A Team Approach to Producing Multi-Media Laptop and Video Formatted Presentation


  • Diana Page


This paper describes an alternate method of producing laptop and video presentations (Sophisticated Animated Presentations — SAPs). This method requires the development of graphic presentations with some degree of animation for general principle courses such as management principles or organizational behavior. The presentations will employ several graphic software programs and would be presented in two formats, video and laptop (disk format). The topics include basic management terminologies, theories and concepts dealing with the functions of management–planning, organizing, leading, motivating, and controlling. These short (five to ten minute) presentations cover a minimum of one chapter and describe basic concepts. As such, these presentations provide students with the basic concepts covered in the chapter. The material in the SAPs is basic. Faculty may prefer one textbook to another, but most will readily concede there are a variety of textbooks covering the same material for management principles. Thus, the SAPs should be generic in nature and designed so they can accompany a variety of text books.