The ABC's Of Teaching the Theory of Constraints to Undergraduate Business Students


  • Arup Mukherjee
  • Walter J. Wheatley


For many years Production and Operations (POM) texts have tried to stay current with the latest methods of improving quality and productivity. Materials Requirements and Planning I and II were some of the earlier approaches that have been dealt with in POM texts. Then came a tide of quality related techniques which included methods such as Total Quality Management and Just in Time which were dealt with in great detail in POM texts. However, the Theory of Constraints (TOC), a method of improving productivity and profitability by reducing bottlenecks in operating systems, has not been dealt with in the detail the authors of this paper would like to see. To encourage more attention to having TOC dealt with in more POM texts, the authors have broken down this somewhat complicated topic into its simplest terms and present a very simple illustration of teaching this valuable POM topic.