Experience Geo: A Massively Multiplayer Game


  • Precha Thavikulwat


GEO is a massively multiplayer game structured at the level of a global economy, one level of comprehensiveness above the total-enterprise games that are commonly used in business education programs. The game can accommodate 32,767 simultaneous players, although the usual session involves about 120 players. The game is flexible and its rules are simple, so students from different countries, clas-ses, and educational levels can join the same session. Gen-erally, a session takes place over a semester, with players entering and leaving the session at different times depend-ing on their course schedules. For the conference session in which I will demonstrate the game, attendees with Internet-accessible Windows computers should bring their comput-ers to experience playing the game within a field that in-cludes about 180 other players beyond those present at the conference session.