The Problem of Determining an "Individualized" Simulation's Validity as an Assessment Tool

Philip H. Anderson, Leigh Lawton


An "individualized" version of a competitive, total enterprise (TE) simulation exercise was tested as a potential instrument for measuring the skills developed on a group-managed simulation. No significant relationship was found between a subject's performance on the "individualized" version of the simulation and his or her performance on the group-managed version of the simulation. Further, no relationship was found between performance on the "individualized" version of the simulation and a set of independent variables including: a peer group assessment of the subject's strategic management skills; a self-assessment of managerial skills; the grade received on a case study write-up; the grade received for class participation during the course; and overall GPA level. Only the subject's business GPA showed a significant relationship with performance on the "individualized" version of the simulation. The need to develop learning goals and, especially, valid and reliable methods for measuring learning is discussed as the key for evaluating a simulation's assessment capabilities.

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