Evaluating Experiential Training: Case Study and Recommendations

Darryl Scott Albertson


This paper explores the process of evaluating experiential business training. First, overviews of experiential learning and training evaluation are presented. Research questions from a case study of experiential training evaluation (N = 495) include: 1) How do participants rate key aspects of experiential training?; 2) How do ratings of aspects of experiential training relate statistically?; and 3) Which predictor items are most related to overall evaluations of experiential training? (Can a model of “drivers†of experiential training effectiveness be constructed?) Study methods and outcomes are discussed. Of particular interest, stepwise regression generated a five-item model explaining a significant amount of variance in overall evaluation scores. The most Important items in the model of experiential training effectiveness concerned degree of learning enhancement and interest in concepts. Finally, recommendations for evaluating experiential training are made.

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