Policy Analysis and Decision: A Corporate Relocation Simulation Exercise

Albert S. King, Deborah A. Lauer


A one-hour experiential simulation exercise is presented in which participants are required to take roles as managers in a business firm confronting questions concerning corporate headquarter relocation. Role scenarios for the business functional areas of chief executive officer and corporate legal, human resource, financial, and public relations executives are presented. Each participant analyzes the problem from the perspective of the described functional role. Influence efforts are focused on structuring the chief executive’s decision. After reviewing alternative action recommendations from the various functional areas, chief executives balance and weigh alternative arguments presented by each function in arriving at a decision. The simulation may incorporate an earlier developed conceptual schema for strategic decision analysis in formulating policy and provide an application for comparative analysis of intuitive and systematic reasoning in decision making. Alternatively, it may be used as an introductory exercise in group decision.

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