The Executive Education Experience Using the Toronto Management Game

Roger N. Wolff, George H. Haines


"This paper presents a report on an experimental business game. The game represents an application of a simulation of a prototype management decision system. The basic conceptual model of the game follows from recent ideas generated by Ackoff [1], Morton [2], and others. The game portion of the system acts as an operating system in which the manager or student engages in structuring behavior. Business games have come to be classified or grouped, as, for example, by Bobb and Eisgruber [3], in terms of “simple†or “complexâ€, and of whether they are intended for teaching, training, and/or research. This report is concerned with a complex game aimed at training MBA students and executives in business management. The game is also intended to have potential as a research device. Yet, as will be seen, the game sits awkwardly within this traditional classification scheme if at all."

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