User Experience as a Crucial Element of Future Simulation and Gaming Design

Michal Jakubowski


Simulations and games have been a perfect training tool for almost half a century.  From board games to complex computer simulations - game designers try to make the most faithful representations of everyday issues and depict them as functioning models of wide range of problems that people encounter in everyday life. Creating such an experience ought to results with better understanding of given problem and prepare players for situations that can occur in their everyday work life. But do we - as game designers - focus on the perception of the activities tailored into game? Do players always experience our work as a pleasurable experience? How does that impact their learning outcomes? In this paper author would like to discuss the problem of weak user experience in great amount of computer simulations and its influence on learning process. Author presents new ways of attracting players into learning by doing and propose solutions to strengthen feeling of being a part of loyal simulation of any case study.

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