Development of BASE Supply Chain Collaboration Game

Tomomi Kaneko, Ryoju Hamada, Masahiro Hiji


Many books describe Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC), an important idea in the business world. Numerous successfulexamples of SCC are described in these books. Basic contents of teaching SCC at a university are explanation of SCC’stheory and successful case studies. Moreover, some teachers use SCC computer games in the lecture as educationalassistance. Regarding development of a SCC computer game themselves, the more they want to teach SCC knowledge, themore the computer game becomes complicated. These cir-cumstances are satisfied by teachers, but students might feelembarrassment. Students, except some very good students, assume that managing SCC theory and many parameters foroperating SCC computer game are extremely difficult, such that they can not be used. To resolve these misunderstandings,the authors developed simple SCC analogue games. As de-scribed in this report, the basic idea of BASE SCC games and theeducational effectiveness of applying SCC games to the lec-ture of SIIT Thammasat University are introduced.

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