Providing Unparalleled Experiential Learning Experience within Leadership Course

Asha Bhandarker, Subrat Kumar


This paper details experience of developing and conducting Experiential Learning component as a part of Leadership course. Designed to help the students understand the real meaning of “Entrepreneurial Leadership”, the course has a component wherein the students carry out research to figure out feasible business idea, prepare the business plan and practically run it over ten weeks. The overall benefits of the course aside, this component helps the students get a first-hand feel of business decisions, challenges and also ways to overcome them. Not only this, the students practically understand the meaning of “Understanding Self”, “Understanding Others” and “Working together for excellence”. With many of the students in Indian B-Schools without any previous work experience, this assignment also gives them first-hand experience of workplace, and makes them ready for the workplace challenges and opportunities. This paper provides a rich description of the abovementioned learning component structure, as well as the description of various issues to be kept in mind to ensure a holistic learning for the students.

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