It's More Than Just a Simulation: Deepening and Broadening Student Learning Using a Business Enterprise Simulation as a Platform

Ronald A. Magnuson, Deborah Cain Good


Much has been written about how ’learning by doing’ increases the level of retention and indeed experiential learning is quite popular at business schools. Business enterprise simulations are a tool used to assimilate a business environment and allow students to apply what they learned in the classroom.  Business enterprise simulations have been part of the business school landscape for decades. Simulations do a wonderful job helping students to learn and retain business acumen. This paper provides an overview of an approach used in an MBA Capstone course. The objective of the course is to provide a real-life assignment or internship experience to the students before they graduate so that there are better prepared for their careers.  The MBA program uses an off-the-shelf simulation as a platform for the assignment. There are many unique features added to this capstone that provides a deeper and broader learning experience for the students.

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