Helmut Wittenzellner, Angela Teske


KPI-Dispute in Marketing and Communication strategy between Germany´s Media agencies and ad promoters. Most media agencies concentrate on Cost-per-Click and increase of salesturnover, meanwhile ad promoters prefer cost of winning new clients and number of shares and likes as core key performance indicators.

The purpose of this paper is to define a modern marketing management simulation model and examine the impact of digitalization and globalization on marketing communication and media planning. The objective is to analyze (the variety of) media (channels) in a multichannel context as well as (the diverse) socio-demografic segments and their specific interests and their interests, living environments and media usage behavior. The mostly accepted systematics of common socio-demografic milieus is done by the Sinus-institute in Heidelberg/Germany, therefore they are consequently named Sinus-Milieus. Those findings are supposed to help establish a connection between the diverse Sinus-Milieus and multichannel marketing. To be able to apply the approach to each of the target groups, this research will use mixed methodology, starting with a literature review to provide basic theoretical knowledge on where and how to address each group. Due to the current nature of this topic, all research questions will be based on theoretical assumptions.


inbound marketing, media channels, demand modelling

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