Using the P5+1 Talks with Iran and its aftermath to Teach Negotiations

Ed Wertheim


The 2015 P5+1 agreement with Iran about their nuclear program and its ongoing subsequent negotiations provides a rich resource for teachers of negotiations.  With readily available resources describing the challenges of the original negotiation and with the negotiation currently being carried out (in part) in public, various aspects of multi-party negotiations can be explored while at the same time allowing students to understand an important current event and gain skills in analyzing an ongoing negotiation.


negotiation; Iran Nuclear Program; Obama; Trump; Sherman;multi-party negotiations;

Full Text:



Harvard Kennedy School, Interview with Wendy Sherman (2015),

“Inside the Iran Deal,” (2016) New Yorker, July 27.

Politico, October 11, 2017

Sanger, D.(2015). “Obama’s Leap of Faith,” New York Times, July 14, 2015.


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