Developing Global Competency and Ethical Leadership in Business Students Through Global Service Learning

Jennifer Petrie, Audrey Murrell, Bryan Schultz, Ray Jones


As a form of study abroad and experiential learning, global service learning programs are increasingly becoming a rich experiential and ethical learning model for business students (Desmond, Stahl, & Graham, 2011; Pless, Maak, & Stahl, 2011). While global service learning is on the rise, research on the experience and outcomes of global service learning is limited (Pless & Borecká, 2014). There is narrow discussion on the ways global service learning effects global competency, ethical decision-making, and career integration. This paper describes the results of a mixed methods research study indicating significant gains in the global competency and ethical leadership skills of business students enrolled in a global service learning course and the Certificate Program of Leadership and Ethics.  This paper also presents recommendations for future research, program development, and career integration emphasizing the benefits of global service learning for business students.

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