Building a Serious VR Game for Soft-Skill Learning – Lessons Learned

Marcin Wardaszko, Michal Jakubowski, Anna Winniczuk, Błazej Podgorski, Małgorzata Cwil


The presented game design article aims at analyzing and reporting the main features of the simulation VR game CICERO. CICERO is a serious game designed for the porpoise of teaching and learning public speaking skills in a VR environment. The game supports two modes of play practice mode and challenge mode. In the practice mode the players have to recreate the existing presentation, and in the challenge mode they can use their presentation in the game and analyze their behavior and presentation skills.  Game measures sight (gaze mechanic), speaking speed, speaking sound volume and hand gestures made by the player. In the article, we discuss the optimal setting of the game in the learning process and limitations of the VR technology in learning.

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