"Economics in Practice" A Simulation Game for High School Students Teaching the Basics of Economics and Entrepreneurship

Marcin Wardaszko, Michael Jakubowski


The Polish educational system is undergoing substantial changes. Among others, one of those changes is the introduction of innovative and technologically enhanced teaching methods. The Center for Simulation Games and Gamification at Kozminski University in cooperation with external partners proposed a teaching program based on the computer simulation game for a new subject called "Economics in practice". This paper discusses the game project and the research conducted among Polish teachers and high school students. The research is aimed at recognizing barriers and preferences in using a simulation game as an educational tool. Teachers, (8) were selected based on previous experience with innovative teaching methods and geographic/demographic representation of north-eastern Poland, were participating in the focus group. The focus group with the teachers was aimed at identifying institutional and organizational barriers in the process of introducing a simulation game into the educational system and also served as a calibration method for the student's questionnaire. Questionnaire studies were conducted in several cities, in which 30 to 45 students from chosen high schools were asked to fill out a questionnaire, 362 questionnaires were collected. Research among high school students was aimed at recognizing preferences in the usage of games and the preferred teaching environment. Both of those studies served as input in the design process of the simulation game for this subject.

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