Knot - A Pedagogical Proposal For Learning The Strategic Planning For Software Companies


  • Alexander Baron Salazar
  • Juan Carlos Castillo Eraso
  • Jesus Insuasti


Strategic planning seeks organizational development through the formulation and implementation of projects oriented to reach corporate objectives for middle and long term. This paper presents KNOT, a pedagogical proposal for learning the design and implementation of strategic business planning (SBP) and strategic computing planning (SCP). KNOT is based on pedagogical and management approaches, and it focuses on software companies by including four elements: (1) a simulated software company as a virtual learning scenario, (2) the formulation and implementation of SBP and SCP, as application guide, (3) a role-playing game as an active participation strategy, and (4) LARIAT prototype software, as a tool that implements the process and supports the proposal. Currently, LARIAT is being tested in the software engineering courses at the University of Nariño.