Moving Web-Based Simulations To Serious Games (Video Games) Is Unreal!


  • David R. Rahn


"Should we be thinking about how to move our web-based, form-based simulations to the so called serious games video game format? And if we decide the answer is yes, how do we get there with reasonable effort and cost? First, the research is strong when we consider if it makes sense to do so. The overt cultural trends suggest we will be left behind if we do not move in this direction. But what about the research? Answering the question of whether the anticipated learning outcomes are found using games in the classroom, Dondlinger (2007) cites the Aguilera and Mendiz (2003) historical research study on video game design which maintains that a number of studies indicate these games are conducive to the development of specific skills important to working in a global, knowledge based economy. Further evidence is provided demonstrating that games are conducive to learning gains in the areas of deduction and hypothesis testing, complex conceptualizing and abstract thinking, and visual and spatial processing. The evidence is there that the move would make sense. But how do we move our web-based form-based simulations to video game format to garner the advantages? This paper describes a step-wise process for migrating existing web-based, form-based games to the serious game format of full blown video games. Steps and actions that can be taken to enact the transformation are described. "